Foodie’s Paradise
Foodie’s Paradise
Foodie’s Paradise
Foodie’s Paradise

One of the best gourmet hotels in South Tyrol: Green Lake Hotel Weiher

Foodies are definitely in the right place with us at our gourmet hotel Weiher in South Tyrol. Delectable dishes prepared using fresh ingredients, the correct wine for the meal and the warm atmosphere guarantee you’ll have the perfect culinary experience while on your South Tyrole holiday.

Our chefs continually create the ideal balance between Alpine and Mediterranean, traditional and modern… and they do so with flair! They conjure up true culinary delights, primarily made using ingredients acquired from local farms and manufacturers, our home-grown herbs and a great amount of love, which never fail to satisfy the guests at our Green Lake Hotel Weiher.

The herbs from our hotel garden aren’t just used to season the meals we serve at our hotel in the Puster Valley. We make oils, fresh sorbets and other tasty treats from mint, marjoram and other herbs because we know about all the beneficial and healing properties our wild and garden herbs have.

As George Auguste Escoffier once said:
‘Good food is the foundation of genuine happiness’.

Foodie’s Paradise Foodie’s Paradise Foodie’s Paradise
Culinarium Green Lake Hotel Weiher
"Cooking is the science of passion and love"
Markus Green Lake Hotel Weiher

Peintner Markus
chef and pleasure provider

Little herb guide from our gourmet hotel in South Tyrol

The garden of our gourmet hotel in South Tyrol truly is herb heaven! We grow a great deal of local and traditional herbs and we use them to season your meals. We also press them to make the oils we use in our massages and, when dried out, they provide the building with its wonderful, characteristic aroma.

A to Z Herb Guide

Aniseed has many uses, mainly in seasoning, but has medicinal properties too and is used to combat coughs and stomach ache.

Basil is used to season the dishes we prepare for you. Typically Mediterranean meals, such as bruschetta and pasta sauces, are nicely finished off by adding a pinch of fresh basil.

Calendula are used for their medicinal properties and in cosmetic products. The orange-coloured plant promotes wound healing and is, therefore, often used in creams and lotions.

Fennel is a multi-purpose herb. The bulb is used as a vegetable and the seeds are used in seasoning. In addition, fennel can make an excellent tea which is known to help with stomach aches.

Lavender doesn’t just have a pretty colour… it’s also used in a lot of cosmetic products due to its beautiful fragrance.

Lemon balm – fresh and fragrant. Lemon balm leaves can be used to season desserts and are particularly popular in sorbets and ice creams. Plus, syrup for juices can be extracted from them when they’re boiled.

Marjoram is closely related to oregano in terms of flavour and is, therefore, a very versatile ingredient in cooking.

Peppermint is delicious, both as a seasoning in sweet dishes and as a drink. Cold peppermint tea is a highly refreshing thirst quencher in the summer.

Thyme comes from Mediterranean countries. The unmistakeable flavour is characteristic of Mediterranean dishes, yet thyme isn’t just used in cooking. It also has medicinal properties.

Wild garlic is a true herald of spring and is mainly used in cooking. Bread, pasta, noodles and many other delicacies can be made using the leaves, which taste ever so slightly of garlic.

Accommodating service and extraordinary atmosphere

In our gourmet hotel in South Tyrol, we start each day with an extensive breakfast in our stylish dining hall or on the large sun terrace with views of Lake Issengo. Our friendly and cheerful team will be delighted to take care of you while you’re on holiday with us, and they’ll do so with a smile! Just share your personal needs and requirements with us and we’ll do everything we can to ensure your holiday is a truly memorable experience.

In the afternoons, there is a small snack bar with home-made cakes to satisfy your hunger and, in the evenings, our gourmet chefs will spoil you with the delicious culinary creations available from our multi-course menu. Our sommelier will also recommend the most ideal wine for your meal, ensuring your gourmet holiday hotel in South Tyrol is a real dream.

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